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  • Meta has created a system that can embed hidden signals, known as watermarks, in AI-generated audio clips, which could help in detecting AI-generated content online.  The tool, called AudioSeal, is the first that can pinpoint which bits of audio in, for example, a full hourlong podcast might have b...

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  • The unveiling of the Mercedes Benz C63 W205 in 2014 marked an important moment in the realm of high-performance luxury sedans, standing as a direct competitor to the BMW F80 M3. This generation of the C63 was meticulously crafted, providing a blend of performance, advanced technology, and unmistaka...

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  • Amores, eu contei para vocês que, na última segunda-feira (10), a apresentadora Mamma Bruschetta, de 74 anos, foi internada no São Luiz Itaim, no estado de SP, depois de sentir mal estar. A famosa chegou ao hospital com falta de ar, e logo mais foi diagnosticada com pneumonia. Ela precisará realiza...

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  • Image courtesy of Zegna Australian-American business mogul and investor Rupert Murdoch, made headlines at his (fifth) wedding ceremony to Elena Zhukova when the nonagenarian was photographed pairing his suit with sneakers at his outdoor vineyard wedding. A screenshot of Rishi Sunak’s Downing Street...

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  • C, E-flat and G walk into a bar. "Sorry," said the bartender, "We don't serve minors here."

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  • 5 Min Read Meet the Simunauts: Ohio State Students to Test Space Food Solutions for NASA Ohio State University has hired four student “Simunauts” (simulated analog astronauts) to test NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge technologies at the Wilbur A. Gould Food Industries Center's Food Processing Pilot...

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  • Moses Sumney has shared a new song, “Vintage,” via a self-directed music video. It’s the first taste of an upcoming new EP (its title and other details are still forthcoming).

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  • This mushroom risotto is rich and creamy with a beautiful earthiness from the mushrooms. The better the stock, the better… The post Mushroom Risotto appeared first on Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary.

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  • My advice to anyone wanting to climb the mountains between France and Spain: You will need strong legs and a good Pyrenees.

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  • If you have been waiting for the right time to purchase your next luxury watch, there isn’t a much better opportunity than now. Our Memorial Day watch collection has been hand-selected to include some of our favorite patriotic watches.  Every watch in this collection will receive a FREE WatchCSA Ce...

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  • The best known mycoprotein is probably Quorn, a meat substitute that’s fast approaching its 40th birthday. But Finnish biotech startup Enifer is cooking up something even older: Its proprietary single-cell fungus-based protein, branded Pekilo, was originally developed in the 1960s and ’70s — by, of...

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  • Max Cavalera's latest release is a complete re-recording of Sepultura's 1987 offering, Schizophrenia. He spoke with AllMusic shortly before the release of the album, and explained why he and his brother are re-recording this early material, in addition to several other metal-related topics.

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