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  • In astrology, profection is a predictive technique that involves advancing the natal Ascendant and its ruler through the zodiac to different signs, with each sign corresponding to a specific year in the individual’s life. The primary purpose of profection is to highlight specific areas of life that...

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  • Japan's new H3 rocket reached orbit for the first time today (Feb. 16), bouncing back from a failure on its debut test flight nearly a year ago.

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  • Using the James Webb Space Telescope astronomers have zoomed in on a dwarf galaxy in the Milky Way's local group to understand the ebb and flow of star formation since the early universe.

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  • Perched on the edge of the Thar Desert and fringed by the Aravalli Hills, Jaipur is an architectural wonder,... The post Jaipur… experiencing The Pink City of India appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.

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  • The James Webb Space Telescope has directly imaged two exoplanets orbiting white dwarf stars. These systems offer a glimpse at the future of our solar system after the sun has died.

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  • One of STMPD RCRDS favorites, Julian Jordan, is starting 2024 off with a bang with an electrifying new track, “Champion“. Incorporating Julian’s signature melodic tech house beat with the hard techno that’s become more mainstream over the past couple of years, “Champion” manages to encapsulate Juli...

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  • Japan's space agency says its H3 rocket will attempt to fly again as soon as Feb. 14, 2024. That's nearly a year after the rocket's explosive failure, shortly after its 1st liftoff.

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  • Arriving in orbit on Christmas Day, Japan's lunar lander SLIM has beamed images of the lunar surface home ahead of its planned touchdown on the moon on Jan. 19.

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  • A JBS informou nesta quinta-feira, 14, ter defendido, em painel na COP em Dubai na segunda-feira, 11, a necessidade de investimentos dos setores público e privado para padronizar e qualificar o Cadastro Ambiental Rural brasileiro ou outra base de dados comum para rastreabilidade da cadeia. "Precisa...

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  • Uniting the music community around the globe and welcoming attendees for their second annual Jackpot event, RVLTN Events and Downtown Las Vegas Events Center are taking the highly-anticipated event to the next level. Nestled in the heart of the iconic Las Vegas, Jackpot promises an evening of non-s...

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  • Japan’s ambitious mission to explore the two mini moons of Mars could be facing a lengthy delay as JAXA's new H3 rocket, which will launch MMX, failed on its debut flight in March.

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  • Nov 21, 2023

    For more than four decades, the Bidens have made a ritual pilgrimage to the coastal paradise, nestled along Nantucket Harbor, and have stayed at Rubenstein's enclave since 2014.

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