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  • Craving lemon pound cake? This recipe makes a soft and moist cake with homemade glaze, no one can resist a slice with a cup of hot coffee or tea!

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  • If I'm reading their lips correctly ... My neighbors are arguing about some creepy guy next door.

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  • Lamborghini, a brand known for its high-performance supercars, is planning to enter the EV space with a brand-new model. It is said that the first electric car to roll out of Sant’Agata will be a 2-door SUV. According to reports, Lamborghini is working on a pure electric 2+2 grand tourer, which wil...

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  • “A proper grown-up communicates clearly and assertively.” This is something I have heard many people say. By that definition, I wouldn’t have classed as a proper grown-up for most of my life. There was a time when I couldn’t even ask someone for a glass of water. I know that might seem crazy to som...

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  • The Lamborghini Revuelto was unveiled on March 29, 2023. However, development on the car continues before series production can commence. The brand’s first plug-in hybrid supercar was recently spotted at the Nurburgring, which suggests that the chassis development team could be hard at work putting...

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  • El conjunto hispalense busca reivindicarse en su torneo fetiche tras volver al máximo nivel con la llegada del entrenador vasco.

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  • Back in March, Lamborghini took the covers off their all-new V12-powered supercar called the Revuelto and if you have not placed your order for one by now, you will be waiting a very long time. As the car was revealed, Lamborghini confirmed that the car was “sold out for more than two years” but ho...

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  • The Sporting News is tracking live scoring updates and highlights from Game 3 of Lakers vs. Nuggets. Follow along with all of the action right here.

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  • Laguna San Rafael National Park, photographed on May 9, 2023 as the space station orbited 268 miles above Chile.

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  • Thank you for joining us on “The cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity.” The “Infosys-HFS Research Energy Transition 2023” report reveals that shifts in climate, regulation, and sustainability are nudging global enterprises to accelerate decarbonization and net zero journeys, with cloud dominating...

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  • Close your eyes and imagine a place where senses intertwine, where nature’s symphony sings harmoniously, and where history dances with Hollywood dreams. Welcome to Wicklow, Ireland, a magical destination that offers a journey like no other. Here, I explored with my sense of hearing, where the melod...

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  • The Lamborghini Huracan for sale is a sought-after exotic sports car that is sure to get the attention of car enthusiasts everywhere. With its sleek

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