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  • Doublepoint Technologies is taking gesture tech another step with the unveiling of the WowMouse AR for the Magic Leap 2.Read More

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  • Image credit: DRX Sang-in Choi, the CEO of South Korean esports organisation DRX, has announced on social media that he will depart the company. Choi did not give any explicit reasons for his departure, but explained some of his decisions and experiences as CEO of the company. He did not mention wh...

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  • Daniel Arsham has once again designed a work of art like no other: the Arsham Droplet, in collaboration with Hublot. The post Daniel Arsham Designs A New Work Of Art For Hublot: The Arsham Droplet appeared first on Haute Time.

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  • Game veteran David Polfeldt today announced the launch of Bespoke Pixel, a new game development studio opening in the heart of Barcelona.Read More

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  • I'm writing a song about getting my door lock replaced. There's a key change at the end.

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  • When the scientific process came about, suddenly we were able to recognize the physical causes of the illness and ailments which we suffered from. This was greatly liberating because it meant the illnesses and ailments ceased to be some intangible, abstract force, and instead something we could mea...

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  • Once a week, Sun Kai has a video call with his mother. He opens up about work, the pressures he faces as a middle-aged man, and thoughts that he doesn’t even discuss with his wife. His mother will occasionally make a comment, like telling him to take care of himself—he’s her only child. But mostly,...

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  • A Defensoria Pública do Distrito Federal (DPDF) realizou, nesta segunda-feira (06), a 12º edição do Dia da Mulher com foco em ofertar serviços gratuitos para o público feminino em situação de vulnerabilidade. A ação ocorre uma vez por mês e conta com diversos atendimentos para as mulheres no âmbito...

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  • An emphatic sweep of the Braves made it clear the Dodgers are baseball's team to beat.

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  • No Dia Mundial do Trânsito e da Cortesia ao Volante, celebrado em 5 de maio, a palavra de ordem é conscientização. Por isso, uma série de atividades foi realizada no Parque da Cidade, neste domingo (5), para levar informação e ações educativas à população por meio de palestras, jogos e exposição de...

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  • Apr 28, 2024

    Akron, Ohio, January 1, 2024 (News 5 Cleveland) It happened around 7:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day at the Taco Bell on South Arlington Street. According to the 911 call, a masked man entered the restaurant and approached employees at gunpoint. One of the employees ran and hid in the freezer and called ...

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  • The Detroit Lions have been hard at work with the offseason program for a week-plus. Here's some photos and one video released by the team.

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