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    Steel structure warehouses mainly refers to that the main load-bearing components are made of steel.
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    The garden hose is oriented to meet the needs of customers and can accept heavy loads.
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    Recently, in the China Light Textile City market, cotton nylon fabric has interacted with each other in many varieties. Some former and later factory-type cloth companies and large-scale operation...  more
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    Storage of shrink sleeve labels: shrink sleeve labels placed in a high humidity environment are easily affected with moisture, which will affect their flatness, printability...  more
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    The compressive strength and hardness have been greatly improved. Multiple production modes are the most important in steel wire pipes. PVC hose is made of new pvc reinforced materials.
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    We introduce the characteristics of the lower Aluminum Composite Panel : aluminum composite panel is a good material that is easy to process and form. It is also an excellent product for pursuing efficiency and time. It can...  more
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    If a manufacturer wants to ensure that all products are exactly the same when mass-producing various products, then it must adopt moulds for production at this time, so they also need to find some professional mould design and manufacturing...  more
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    The cup seal labels are the text, graphics, symbols and all explanatory items on the packaged beverage. Its role is to:

    1 guide and guide consumers to buy food

    Packaged food is...  more
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    The centre of the Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is an aluminum hexagonal honeycomb, the density is less than 1/5 of the weight of wood boards with the same thickness and area, 1/6 of glass and 1/7...  more
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    The reverse osmosis water purifier, also known as RO machine or pure water machine, is used for daily drinking water. The core of reverse osmosis water purifier is the RO membrane, and pure water is filtered out. What is the reverse osmosis technology...  more