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    China is a large country with a large population and a large turnover rate. flat-pack containers house is undoubtedly a new choice in densely populated areas with large turnover.
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    1. Lightweight and high strength: Aluminum Corrugated Panel is made of high-quality aluminum coiled material with a density of only one-third of that of steel, lightweight and high...  more
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    The maintenance of DC freezer cannot be ignored. Doing a good job in the maintenance of DC freezer will reduce the probability of failure of refrigerated display cabinets and is more conducive to...  more
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    PVC garden hose is a basic plastic hose product, which can be used in many production activities and plays an important role in simplifying the process.
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    The palm oil chain is used as the transmission component in the transmission system. Lubrication treatment is indispensable. In addition to the careful selection of lubricating oil, lubrication methods...  more
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    What are the common applications of multi-function garden water hose?
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    The scale and weight of the rotating chain of China chain supplier are extremely fine: it is better to arrange to reach uniform galvanized coating. If it is too long or too wide, which requires two dipping workers, the...  more
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    The amount of ink used is usually determined by the size of the graphic area of the label, and the graphic area is designed by the customer, so the label printing enterprise has little room to adjust. Therefore, how can print labels supplier ...  more
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    Modular house has gradually entered people's vision, but the concept of modular housing is still not clear to most people.
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    With the wide application of acrylic sheets in daily life, many manufacturing industries need to use acrylic sheets.