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    The main functions of Waterproof Fabric are: waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, insulating, windproof and warm-keeping. In terms of manufacturing technology, the technical requirements of waterproof and breathable...  more
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    Painting the exterior of the Chair Mould product can ensure the brightness of the product. Because plastic products themselves are difficult to reflect light. Therefore, the plastic parts...  more
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    The design of Lead Die Casting involves four aspects:

    1. The requirements of pressure casting on the shape and structure of parts;

    2. Technological properties of lead die casting;

    3. Dimensional...  more
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    The bottle labels are made of advanced materials, such as pet, pvc, pe, bopp films, etc., transparent and translucent, printed labels are rich in color, with optional processes such...  more
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    Installation and layout principles of solar post cap light. The solar post cap light manufacturer is a common decorative lighting in residential areas, which gives us great convenience in...  more
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    With the continuous development of ECCA Wire technology, ECCA wire has gradually penetrated into people's daily life.

    Tourmaline is a common product in our life because its...  more
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    The refrigeration compressor of the Mini Car Freezer is the center of its refrigeration system, so the quality of the...  more
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    Injection moulding of Air Cooler Mould manufacturer is a complicated process. The advantages and disadvantages of injection products involve thermophysics, thermodynamics, rheology, heat...  more
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    The concave and flat part on the smooth surface of the die casting is naturally cooled. The following Die Casting Manufacturer will introduce it for your analysis.


    1. The structural design of die castings is...  more