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    The refrigeration compressor of the Mini Car Freezer is the center of its refrigeration system, so the quality of the...  more
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    Injection moulding of Air Cooler Mould manufacturer is a complicated process. The advantages and disadvantages of injection products involve thermophysics, thermodynamics, rheology, heat...  more
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    The concave and flat part on the smooth surface of the die casting is naturally cooled. The following Die Casting Manufacturer will introduce it for your analysis.


    1. The structural design of die castings is...  more
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    The waterproof nylon fabric is dark in luster, not brilliant in color, hard to handle, but strong and wear-resistant. It has small density, light fabric, good elasticity, resistance to fatigue damage,...  more
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    In our newly bought goods, there are usually some printed plastic labels , some printed logo trademarks, some price labels, etc. In our daily life, we often encounter that newly bought pots or...  more
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    CHINA GREEN TEA catechins have been found to improve wellness and longevity. What are the health benefits of green tea polyphenol catechins other than cardiovascular health, improving immune function and reducing the risk of cancer? Well let’s take a...  more
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    Installation of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel erection stand:

    1. Connect the corner joint with anti-corrosion glue type square gasket, spring washer, and pair of threaded bolts to fix the keel by...  more
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    There are many reasons for frost formation in China freezer . Loose doors or lack of fluorine will cause frost formation in the freezers. Vegetables and fruits that are cleaned at ordinary times are kept fresh. The moisture...  more
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    This article is mainly for users to popularize what Zinc Die Casting are. If you are still unfamiliar with zinc die castings, you may as well read this article. I believe you will understand what zinc...  more
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    When some users develop products or trial-produce new products, they usually only pay attention to product research and development at the initial stage, ignoring the communication with the production unit of Crate Mould ...  more