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bgv companies in hyderabad

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    January 21, 2021 12:19 PM EST

    Info Quest discovers a potential hire’s employment history and verifies it to ascertain the said candidate’s overall behavior, performance and work experience at one or more previous organization/s. In cases, where one of the past employers is no longer in business, a thorough inquiry is carried out through alternative means to ensure the validity of claims of the person having worked there.

    Info Quest investigates the work and employment history, past designation/s, nature of work/ industry and profile are some of the major indicators for assessing an applicant’s fit with a job opening. Add to it the critical details like a reason for leaving, tenure period, multiple jobs’ details, exit interview/ appraisals’ remarks, and ratings and earnings and the employment record head becomes one of the key feature, considered by the HR personnel, even at the shortlisting stage.

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