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the lovers of MLB The Show 19

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    May 15, 2019 10:42 PM EDT

    It is very unsatisfactory and underwhelming and the lovers of MLB the show stubs 19 deserve better than that which SDS is giving us. We asked for stadium creator and they didn't give us it and I will give it a pass as it is a feature, but they didn't even incorporate franchise. RTTS looks like they added a background and a few animations but it has the specific same archetype features which individuals have a problem with including me. It requires way too long to get into the Bigs and also the updating is awful. I had been hoping that they could bring back training points and maintain archetypes so we've caps at attributes but we still get to upgrade quicker.

    Diamond Dynasty hasn't changed much but they did include the lineup attribute that is nice. Other than that they added is a couple more animations and fixes in the way of hitting and its dynamics. I'll still be enjoying MLB the show 16 or 17 that were well designed compared to those. Not buying a 60$ roster update. Animations are cool, yes. But they shouldn't be all we have to look forward to at a fresh game.

    Looks as though they are addressing of everything should have been completed in MLB 18 more. MLB 19 is appearing like a MLB 18 or polished as they state. I'm glad they listen to the lovers who play buy MLB 19 Stubs and assist to make it a better overall experience.Looks like a good update if your into baseball when you get that urge.Same game as last year Bro. That's why it looks comfortable. All it is a roster update with a new UI. No response. The only reason I bought MLB 18 was to the Yankee case that is collective. Maybe their hoping for the same.