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After divorcing the rich and powerful boss.


Yuefeng Entertainment originally wanted to pit Jiahe Entertainment and step on Jiahe Entertainment. Unexpectedly, it created a wave of heat for Jiahe Entertainment. The film "Getting Rich Overnight", which had not yet started shooting, had a high degree of attention. This made Wu yuanhua, vice president of Yuefeng Entertainment, very angry. He directly called Director Sun, who had just jumped to the office and scolded him severely. Over the years, since Director Sun became famous, no one dared to say harsh words in front of him. Even Su Tianhe was polite when he spoke to him. Unexpectedly, after he jumped to Yuefeng Entertainment, he was scolded by Wu yuanhua, who was many years younger than him. His lungs were about to explode. Unhappy, Director Sun returned to the office, staring at the micro-blog of Jiahe Entertainment on the computer, maliciously humming coldly: "This time Jiahe Entertainment is lucky, next time Jiahe Entertainment will not have such a good time." No matter how angry and irritable Director Sun was, his anger did not affect Jiahe Entertainment at all. After last night's battle, the film "Get Rich Overnight" is the heat of the film, before there are people watching the film, hesitating to participate in the audition, now is actively and enthusiastically signed up to participate, for fear that there will be no chance to report late, some people with a little relationship,glass cream jars, through various channels to Jiahe Entertainment's internal staff to inquire about the situation of the film. Even Zhang Mingen received a phone call from an acquaintance. With Su Lingwei's decision, the preparatory group for the film "Getting Rich Overnight" was quickly set up, and a large number of audition materials were received every day. The preparatory group had no specific requirements for the actors to be chosen, whether they were new performers, actors who already had a certain reputation, or vegetarians who had not acted, as long as they delivered the materials, they all received the audition notice. Su Lingwei has her own ideas to do so. She wants to get together all the actors in the previous movie "Get Rich Overnight",Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, but she doesn't remember who the people in the movie are. She wants to recruit more people to audition in this way, maybe she can meet the people she wants. Weibo hot search ads play well, many people cast audition information, Su Lingwei roughly read those information, but also really found a few familiar people. Good, good, Su Lingwei is very satisfied with this result, delineate these people, only the leading actress, there are three or four other key actors. The day of the audition soon arrived. Many people came that day. Su Lingwei and director Han Zhiguo, leading actor Xu Dingjun and assistant director Jiang Yinglong were in charge of the audition. Su Lingwei before the delineation of a few people, there are several supporting roles in the play, there is a play did not play the film Academy students, and purely in the major studio walk-on, but their audition results, as good as Su Lingwei imagined, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, fully in line with the role of the film set, director Han Zhiguo also with Su Lingwei's idea, soon selected people down. After almost a day of auditions in the morning and afternoon, Su Lingwei finally finalized most of the proud actors, and finally only the leading actress has not been selected. After auditioning the last person, Su Lingwei made a good mark on the information, raised her head and asked the staff next to her, "Is there anyone else outside?" The staff went out to see it and came back and said, "No, all the people who came today have finished their auditions." Su Lingwei nodded and said, "That's all for today. Everyone has worked hard." Then she looked at the time on her cell phone. It was already past six o'clock in the evening. Then she said, "Director Han, let's have a meal together later and discuss the candidates by the way. What do you think?" Han Zhiguo immediately said no problem, he can get Su Lingwei's appreciation is not easy, he cherishes this opportunity, eager to work actively in return for Su Lingwei, let alone let him eat by the way to discuss the matter of candidates, even if he does not eat, let him work overtime he is willing. Xu Dingjun and assistant director Jiang Yinglong also immediately said that there was no problem, everyone was highly motivated to work. Let's go. I asked Assistant Zhang to book a table in Fuman Building. Su Lingwei led several people out together. The interview venue was in the conference hall on the third floor of Jiahe Entertainment. Su Lingwei, Xu Dingjun, Han Zhiguo and Jiang Yinglong came out of the conference hall and walked all the way to the elevator. The elevator came up from downstairs and stopped on the third floor. As soon as the door opened, a girl with a ponytail, a white printed T-shirt and jeans ran out of the elevator. She looked like she had come from far away. A thin layer of sweat oozed from her forehead. Her palm-sized face showed a worried look and hurried forward. Even someone in front of him did not see clearly, and all of a sudden he bumped into Su Lingwei, who was walking in the front. Excuse me, excuse me. The girl accidentally bumped into Su Lingwei and quickly apologized to Su Lingwei. It doesn't matter As soon as she looked up, Su Lingwei saw a pretty face, a palm-sized face, a pair of sparkling almond eyes, eyebrows like distant mountains, straight nose, ruddy cherry mouth, no traces of artificial modification, completely natural, and to Su Lingwei's surprise, she recognized her, this girl is not someone else. It was Yu Wanwan, the heroine of the film "Getting Rich Overnight" in her previous life. It is true that there is no place to find a broken iron shoe, and it takes no effort to get it. Su Lingwei's heart was filled with joy. She looked at Yu Wan with more smiles in her eyes. She asked in a gentle voice, "Are you in such a hurry to attend the audition?" Yu Wan looked at Su Lingwei, who was gorgeous and charming, dressed capably, and followed by several people. One of the men she recognized was Xu Dingjun, who played the leading role in the movie "Getting Rich Overnight". The man next to her, who was about the same age as him, must be director Han Zhiguo. An idea came out of Wan Wan's mind, and if she guessed right, the beautiful woman standing in front of her was Su Lingwei, the general manager of Jiahe Entertainment. This is a rare opportunity, Yu Wan Wan thought in her heart,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, she must try to perform a little better, to Su Lingwei left a deep impression. Thinking so, Yu Wan Wan hurriedly nodded her head and explained to Su Lingwei the reason why she was late.