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-novel ^ txt-day. Don One hundred and two, first order -novel ^ txt-day. Don One hundred and three, the fire dragon burns the wild, the earth dragon breaks the ground. ——www.xiaoshuotxt。 com 104. Fuyang beggar Diao Xue grinned, but her little face was filled with piety and indomitable confidence. She said lightly, "At this time of the decline of the Dharma, if you dare not even challenge this, how can you achieve what no one has done before, break through the limitations of this side of heaven and earth, and cultivate to the legendary realm of true immortals?" Luan Xi's face changed slightly and she cried in a low voice, "Do you also want to become a true immortal?" Diao Xue's eyes were shining like stars. Staring at Luan Xi's eyes, her tone contained undoubted firmness. She said word by word, "Don't say you don't want to, Luan Xi!"! You and I are fellow travelers after all, and sooner or later we will meet at the key point of this road. One of us must be a stepping-stone to the other. It would be better to decide the outcome first. Luan Xi breathed a deep breath of True Qi and quickly stabilized all her emotions. She answered without the slightest emotion, "Then it's as you wish. What luck do you want to bet with me?" Diao Xue smiled softly and said, "That's it.." Diao Xuesu raised her hand lightly, and a small bell flew out. Luan Xi's face changed greatly when she saw it. She lost her voice and shouted, "The way of forgetting love also covets the secret storehouse of the True Sect!" Diao Xue put the little bell away again and said to Luan Xi with a smile, "I know that Miqing Dao has been thinking about the secret storehouse of the ancient Thirteen True Sect for a long time. However, although these thirteen ancient Taoist schools have no inheritance and no disciples, they are not accessible to ordinary people.". In the place where the sect of the Yizhen Sect was located, there were four formations guarding the mountain gate, and only the Golden Bell of Five Light Streams could break the Golden Bell of Mixed yuan. My master sacrificed this ritual instrument because he wanted me to explore the opportunity. How about I take this golden bell of five lights as a bet and exchange it for the secret map of the General Altar of the One True Sect? Luan Xi's face changed several times, and finally he nodded slightly and said yes. Diao Xue put his little hand up, and Luan Xi gritted his teeth and slapped Diao Xue three times in the air, then turned around and walked away. Diao Xue saw that Luan Xi had gone without a shadow, and then she smiled sweetly, controlled the sword of love, and stabbed the sky. Chen Qi changed the fire crow and flew a hundred miles. Luan Xi and Diao Xue tripped over each other. The Eight Demons of Taihu Lake and Liao Jin and others could not fly as fast as he did. There were no pursuers. The little thief pressed down his wings and turned into a human body again. Fire crows are extremely powerful in flight, although not as fast as some spirit birds, but their endurance ranks first among many ancient divine birds. Although Chen Qi had not yet transferred all the orifices to the seventy-two fire orifices, his mental method of the Fire Crow Array was also extraordinary. It was not the embarrassment of being able to fly a hundred miles at the beginning. He tried his best to fly for two or three hours, and the journey of one or two thousand miles was not difficult. But Chen Qi also wanted to kill these "enemies" one by one and win the essence and blood needed for cultivation, which did not go far. After the little thief fell to the ground, he thought to himself, "I didn't expect that besides Luan Xi, Pallet rack beams , Diao Xue, the Eight Demons of Taihu Lake, Liao Jin, and the Grey Wolf Shrine, there were other people watching.". If I hadn't been lucky this time, I would have been in some danger. If more people come. I won't play with them. Chen Qi thought of communicating with his own fire crows, and through the eyes of 57 fire crows, he constructed a picture in his heart, reproducing the situation within a radius of hundreds of miles in detail in the sea of knowledge. In this picture, the Grey Wolf Shrine Xing Wuji and Xing Yueying, as well as their men, every move, can not be concealed. The eight demons of Taihu Lake and Liao Jin, as well as Liao Jin's demon soldiers, each turned into two groups of black gas. This is Huang Jingshan Jun and Liao Jin, the black wind of the two big demons, covering up the figures of themselves and their subordinates. Luan Xi and Hou Dongchen each had a strange way to escape, and Chen Qi could not see their traces. Diao Xue controlled the love sword and had no intention of hiding it, but the sword spirit of the love sword was strong in the picture scroll constructed by Chen Qi through fifty-seven fire crows, like a round of light wheel blooming billions of sword light, which made people dare not look at it. As for Huang Shigong, his magic was so good that Chen Qi could only notice that he had not gone far by chance through the soil changes on the ground. This picture is not a magic, but Chen Qi inadvertently, suddenly. Chen Qizheng thought silently, suddenly on the edge of the picture scroll, there was a yellow wind rolling up. Chen Qi was slightly frightened and hurriedly gathered the three fire crows together to make the yellow wind clear. Not long after, a fat wretched old man came out from under the ground and stopped in front of the yellow wind. "Why are you here, Younger Martial Brother Jiu Gang?" Huang Shigong shouted with an ugly face. When the yellow wind fell, it was the big demon pig Jiu Gang. He laughed and replied, "Why can't I come?"? Elder Martial Brother hasn't seen you for a long time, but his skill hasn't improved at all. He rashly came to block Younger Martial Brother's way. Aren't you afraid that my old pig will swallow you as a local rat? Although Huang Shigong knew that Zhu Jiugang was just a threat, he was taken aback. He flinched for a moment and then shouted angrily, "Zhu Jiugang, don't think you dare to do this to me just because you have the mantle of the master.". You have to hand over the Wutu Shengang handed down by the master sooner or later. If you want to take it all by yourself, it's not so easy! Zhu Jiugang laughed and said, "I heard that Elder Martial Brother has gone to the White Deer King. However, the White Deer King is at the bottom of the nineteen bandits in terms of magic power. He is only seven or eight levels of congealing evil spirits. I'm afraid his cultivation is not as high as mine.". Elder Martial Brotherther told me that it was very bad. Aren't you afraid that I will really do it? You can't rely on your backing! Huangshi Gong said in horror, "Have you cultivated Wutu Shaqi to the seventh level?" Zhu Jiugang shook his head and said, "It's even higher!" "Is it the eighth floor?" Cried Huang Shigong with an ugly face. Zhu Jiu Gang grinned grimly and said, "It's even higher!" Huang Shigong listened to this sentence, no longer willing to guess, put the foot into the ground, directly left, and refused to lose face.