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A Modern, Long Sleeved Dress for any Natural, Autumn Wedding


The film continues to be viewed thousands of times already since its launch yesterday morning – and also the response continues to be overwhelming – it had been even acquired earlier today. It truly is easily the most stunning film celebrating the incredible number of moments we now have lost this season with over 3/4 of weddings being postponed.

And then once you've watched the film, I invite you to enjoy our latest, beautiful wedding, the nuptials of and, who got married on 12th October 2019 at, London's only lighthouse.

"feeltimes dresses provided great service along with a beautiful, designed-to-measure dress. They paid attention to and delivered precisely what I imagined, an attractive, classic, and stylish mermaid wedding dress."

"I would recommend them to anyone. It was among the best moments within the pre-wedding period."

"The simplicity and also the timeless elegance was precisely what I was dreaming about and loved every minute of wearing my dress."

"It was an incredible opportunity to take our guests on the little river cruise following the ceremony, straight in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Pier."

"Liam and I met this year in Essex. After moving to London together and traveling a reasonable bit, we've got engaged in 2017, in Yosemite National Park, while on the road trip in the USA."

"As wedding favors, we'd real Boston fern plants that people used as decorations around the tables and through the venue which guests took home together as they left."

"We were without the traditional cutting from the cake but we did wish to spoil our guests with some delicious options."

The couple hired an actual life couple and a professional photography duo.

"We loved their cinematic photography style and that we were within the moon to possess them aboard to capture probably the most intimate moments in our big day."

"They were this type of pleasure to possess around, to steer us, and also to bring their calmness and professionalism. We would wholeheartedly recommend these phones to anyone."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"It's each day about you. so things how you, like a couple, wish to; constitute your own rules making new traditions. Also, believe in chosen suppliers, they've done this often before."

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