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Breezy Spring Wedding Dresses for 2022


As the flowers begin to bloom, the leaves change colors and also the temperature begins to (gradually) warm up, it only is sensible that the types of dresses trending throughout the seasons change! And for Spring 2022, situations are looking breezy. Whether you're searching for something light and flowy to match the weather, or you're searching for a dramatic feather-adorned piece being an avid trendsetter, there's well and truly something for everybody out there.

So, we thought it might be best to come up with a list of several spring wedding gowns for your inspiration, to create your life that tiny bit easier! Here

What Is A Spring Wedding Dress?

There's no right or wrong response to this question, like a Spring wedding gown is only what you would like your dream dress to appear like. However, because it does often warm up more between March and June (that is officially springtime), we'd recommend ditching the additional layers to save breaking a sweat. Ultimately, we'd say that spring wedding gowns tend to be more breezy and lightweight, unlike winter wedding gowns which often be larger and heavy for added warmth! And they’re perfect should you're planning for a destination wedding too, as they often are produced from less material, and may also be used for summer weddings too!

Well, that's it, long sleeve wedding dresses appear to be very popular right now, and when you're searching for a ballgown, you're fortunate, as FeelTimes includes a fantastic assortment of gowns to select from! Although as we've mentioned previously, you can wear what you would like to your spring wedding, so long as you feel beautiful, that's all that matters!

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, there's a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes of dresses that suit the spring-inspired category. From a mini, midi, or long, lace wedding gown, to simple pieces or sleeves adorned with feathers and floral patterns, we meant it whenever we said there's something for everybody out there! But, after the day, so long as you feel beautiful inside your chosen gown, trends don't necessarily matter. However, should you be a fan of following trends, hopefully, this blog can serve as some great inspiration for the wedding day. Happy shopping!

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