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How Professors Determine Grades

  • The role of the professors is simply because it entails teaching and grading students. The mode of grading may vary from one teacher to another, but it has some universality. Teachers consider the contributions that students make in class. They award marks based on attendance and the approach that the learners use. Some students miss classes without knowing that the lecturers will use the number of classes attended to determine their ability to sit and do final exams. Therefore, the students must meet a certain thresholdof classes if they want to get the grades they have set for the semester. Some professors acknowledge and award the best essays ever written by various students. They use academic writing as a way of grading learners, particularly when they want to know if they have attained relevant knowledge in relation to the curriculum.

    The coursework demands dedication from students the sufficient role of the professor must determine the degree of involvement. The instructors issue assignments to grade the proficiency of the students. The diverse ways of determining grades help educators to acknowledge the contribution they have made in changing the lives of learners. The primary objective of any grading process is to identify education progress among students.