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    Because the internal structure of the Solar DC Freezer is the same as that of the traditional DC freezer, but the power supply device is changed to solar cell, it is relatively simple to implement.

    The...  more
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    The service life of Air Cooler Mould is closely related to correct maintenance. In fact, too many dies are scrapped due to improper maintenance. The following summarizes some basic knowledge of...  more
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    The four processes of Lead Die Casting are annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, which are called "four fires" in die casting. In the process of die casting, quenching and tempering are...  more
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    Yellowing, also known as "yellowing", refers to the phenomenon that the surface of white or light-colored substances is yellowed under external conditions such as light, heat and chemicals. When white textiles and dyed textiles turn yellow, not only the...  more
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    Due to the continuous improvement of people's requirements for their own quality of life, the use rate of self-adhesive sticker is getting higher and higher. Self-adhesive sticker...  more
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    The low voltage outdoor string lights can play a very good publicity effect in real life, especially in advertising applications can get a more effective advertising effect. LED can bring different...  more
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    Some people say that China's Mini Car Freezer market is a "niche market of big automobile countries", but despite this, when the...  more
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    China Lead Die Casting is a kind of pressure casting part, which uses a pressure casting machine equipped with a casting die, pours the heated liquid lead into the feeding port of the die casting...  more
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    The waterproof nylon fabric is a common and frequently used fabric in shoulder bag customization, among which lightweight shoulder bags are mostly used.

    1. Good wear resistance

    The wear resistance of...  more
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    As a new material, composite materials will be widely used in more fields with low cost and multiple purposes. Metal Composite Panel is a new one among many composite materials. Its application not...  more