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    Before mechanical polishing of lead die casting, the quality of die casting should be inspected first. Inappropriate mold design and casting technology will lead to defects in the surface layer, such as cracks, subcutaneous bubbles, pores, cracks and...  more
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    The digital printing fabric are gradually popular, and the printed fabrics produced by digital printing are more realistic and precise than traditional printing. At present, there are mainly...  more
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    If an advertisement wants to be accepted and remembered, it is difficult to achieve results in today's cultural media. For an enterprise, advertising is a stepping stone to tap consumers. However, nowadays, the advertising cost is soaring day by day,...  more
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    Today's disposable stirrer will cause some environmental pollution to the natural environment. Therefore, the production and application of paper stirrer can deal with a...  more
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    The method of uniform coating in China Die Casting Factory , in addition to selecting reasonable solution composition and improving formula, reasonable operation, mounting parts and adopting some special measures are very...  more
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    At present, there are many practical solar power generation systems on the market, such as solar street lights, solar garden lights, etc., all of which use solar energy for lighting. How does solar energy generate electricity? Why are there so many...  more
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    Advantages of container house construction
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    1. High strength and rigidity to bear weight

    The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel has ideal stress distribution for shearing, compressing and stretching. Aluminum honeycomb panels can be made of very...  more
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    We need to find high-quality manufacturers for the customization of Paper cup sleeve . Here, we recommend Suzhou Accum Packaging, professional customization of paper cup sleeve and other...  more