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    1. Nylon fabrics made by nylon fabric manufacturers are many times higher than other fabrics of similar products, so their durability is excellent.

    2. Hygroscopicity is a good variety of synthetic...  more
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    Double wall paper cup stored for a long time increase the possibility of oxidation and shedding of printing ink. For this reason, people in the industry said that using those...  more
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    Since 1990s, solar path lights have been widely used in urban slow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyards, corridors and other public places, which are used for path lighting, improving the safety of...  more
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    We don't have to judge a product with poor quality. From several aspects, we can see that the difference is very big. So what are the poor quality of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel ?

    1. The...  more
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    What kind of fish is suitable for the cylindrical acrylic fish tank?
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    1. the long-term shutdown of 12V DC Freezer will cause the lubricating oil in the compressor to sink to the bottom, and all the workpieces in the machine will be dry. At this time, if it is opened, the...  more
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    A three-story "container hotel" with six containers in yellow, green, and blue, is stacked on top of each other.
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    The production for Household Product Mould is a very rigorous process. Next, we will specifically talk about the steps of production for household product mould:

    1. Prepare plastic materials. The brand-new plastic raw...  more
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    The shrink sleeve labels has a long history, however, with the passage of time, shrink sleeve labels is more and more widely used, so what are the irreplaceable advantages of...  more
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    An expandable hose assembly, in response to applying at least a minimum fluid pressure to the inner tube of the hose, the expandable hose assembly can be arranged longitudinally and radially along the longitudinal axis of the hose between the ends of the...  more