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    Before using the in mould labels , it is very important to test the type of adhesive to see if the adhesive belongs to self-adhesive, heat-sealing adhesive or gummed water paper....  more
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    Solar outdoor lights bring great convenience to human life, so the solar outdoor light manufacturer is deeply loved by people.

    1. In order to better build the city, the street lights in the city are generally changed to solar...  more
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    In order to develop the plastic mould industry, we must take a new road of industrialization in combination with the national conditions and the current situation of Plastic Mould Factory . From the perspective of...  more
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    Die-casting process is a special process, the quality formation of lead die-casting parts can not be controlled in practice, all process parameters are only indirect measurement of external control, and the true quality of lead die-casting parts can only...  more
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    The Bonded fabric is made of multi-layer cloth. The bonded fabric has many advantages, and its texture is soft, rich and thick. The bonded fabric is formed by laminating outer fabric with TPU and PTFE...  more
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    Aluminum Corrugated Panel is also called a corrugated aluminum panel, profiled aluminum panel, aluminum tile, etc. It is the product of deep processing of aluminum panels.

    The base material...  more
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    1. Look at the appearance. Check whether the color of DC freezer meets the requirements, and whether the surface is smooth, level and free from scratches and looseness. The interior of DC freezer is...  more
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    Car Parts Mould are basically supplied by professional mould manufacturers, and the commercialization rate of moulds is over 70%. There are also many companies specializing in producing mould...  more
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    Reducing energy consumption, air pollution and saving insufficient resources is a very critical and urgent task for countries all over the world. With the promotion of the trend of lightweight goods such as cars, it can be predicted that there will be a...  more
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    Before using the cup seal labels , it is necessary to test the type of adhesive, so that we can quickly understand whether this adhesive belongs to adhesive hot melt adhesive or...  more