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    We need to find high-quality manufacturers for the customization of Paper cup sleeve . Here, we recommend Suzhou Accum Packaging, professional customization of paper cup sleeve and other...  more
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    Because the internal structure of the Solar DC Freezer is the same as that of the traditional DC freezer, but the power supply device is changed to solar cell, it is relatively simple to implement.

    The...  more
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    The four processes of Lead Die Casting are annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, which are called "four fires" in die casting. In the process of die casting, quenching and tempering are...  more
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    Yellowing, also known as "yellowing", refers to the phenomenon that the surface of white or light-colored substances is yellowed under external conditions such as light, heat and chemicals. When white textiles and dyed textiles turn yellow, not only the...  more
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    The main functions of Waterproof Fabric are: waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, insulating, windproof and warm-keeping. In terms of manufacturing technology, the technical requirements of waterproof and breathable...  more
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    What are the functions and uses of waterproof nylon fabric(WANSHIYITEX)
    ? Waterproof nylon fabric is used for waterproof or moisture-proof, moisture-proof and waxed cloth, namely waterproof nylon fabric...  more
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    What are the maintenance methods for Water Dispenser With Filtration(KOKOELECTRIC)
    ? Next, I will explain to you:

    1. Regularly check at least once a year and carefully check and...  more
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    Recently, local transactions of yarn dyed fabric(WANSHIYITEX)
    mainly woven are relatively concentrated, but transactions of some varieties are relatively scattered, and the market turnover is higher...  more
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    The combine chains(GETECHAIN)
    consist only of link plates and pins. The link plates are connected by pins to bear the tension on the link plates. The outer chain plate and the pin are in an interference fit, and the pin is...  more
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    High-speed milling technology is mature and can be widely used in Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD)
    manufacturing, which reduces the chair mould manufacturing cycle by 1/2 to 2/3 or more. It is...  more