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  • Getting girls for Dating

    To get a girlfriend in Delhi escorts you have to make sure that you follow these steps, they are the age old, clear and forever steps that every girl in the world likes.

    1- Be Comfortable

    Always be comfortable in presence of a girl, remember that girls can always sense if someone is needy, desperate.

    And a desperate guy means he is of low status (can be financial/social/physical etc) and no girl, in her right mind would ever date a desperate guy, let alone be his girlfriend escort service in Delhi.

    Remember the age old saying – Half of the world is girls, one goes, second in  ready in line, never make her feel that she is the ONE and your soul mate, definitely not before she is your wife.

    You like her, but there are tons of other girls to like, Love is something that will grow, slowly and steadily.

    2 – Help someone

    Always, i mean ALWAYS help someone in need, reasonably, but with clear logic on why you are helping/not helping him/her.

    Helping some old lady cross a road is OK, loaning someone your life saving just because he/she wants to buy something which is not desperately live saving or something, is stupidity. Avoid that.


    Talk to girls on consistent basis, no matter what the time/place (common sense applies here) best of the best players in the world have low strike rates, the way they score a lot of runs is not by scoring a lot in a few matches, but by consistently trying, you will never know when and where you will find the girl who you will like.

    4- Accept failure, never be afraid of failing

    you will always get girls who will shut you down, all the time, doesn’t’ mean something is wrong with you, that means there is something wrong with that girl, she might have a bf already/she might have had a fight with someone, she might have been fired from her job she might have been…. million reasons)

    Remember, you are just a random stranger who is talking to her. if she is not in the right sense of mind, move on, go to the next girl and so on.

    You don’t have to tolerate someone’s bad behavior, just walk away….

    5- Don’t’ make excuses

    When you see a girl, never make excuses to you like she is probably dating/ she is probably buying groceries, she is probably doing xyz thing or just plain a Delhi escorts.


    These are the places where you will meet other people; she is not going to get all pumped up with the makeup and all just to buy groceries. There are the places you will find girls.

    GO AND TALK TO HER. The worst that can happen is – she will say NO, you learn why she said and move on..


    Always have fun, remember that any girl is just going to be just a part of your life, nothing has ever become anyone’s full life, and if it does, she/he needs serious help. That is not love that is obsession.

    Just enjoy your life to the fullest, the enjoyment in your life is what will bring out the best in you, and the best you is one that one girl will want.

    7 – Don’t be someone you are not

    If you find someone/something funny, laugh, if you don’t, then have a flat face. Never try to please someone (her) always be you.

    8 – Always meet new people

    More people you meet, more chances you will have to meeting new girls, go to the gym, go to the spa, go to that fancy restaurant you wanted to eat in. and more importantly, TALK.

    9- Invest in yourself

    The best investment is you, yourself. Always invest in yourself, your physical appearance, your intellectual appearance. Etc etc, no girl will ever date a person who either looks really shabby OR who is intellectually challenged Delhi call girls.

    10- Be Truthfully.

    When you talk to a girl, give her Real and True compliments,

    Never say you are beautiful, she already knows that, that why you are talking to him; tell her something that someone might have missed. Like you telling her – Your voice is really nice otherwise other girls i know of talk like they are beating a hammer.

    Or you are really smart; i have never seen someone do this thing in such a way, very time/money saver.

    Think about it




    Posted by Riya KUmari