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Classifieds » Business » It's probably not news to you

It's probably not news to you


Particular classes have been changed marginally last time of Kamas Dofus Retro (Iop, for instance ), but this time, we chose the opportunity to evolve them and the changes made are somewhat more considerable. We had yet another look at classes that had been altered last time, for example Xelor, because we deemed a few alterations to be necessary. For example Cra, for the others steps are being taken right now till we're able to invest more time.

It's probably not news to you if we say the Cra course has been causing a few problems in DOFUS to get a good while now. The class has always been very effective in regards to MP reduction, PvM, particularly thanks to pushback, very and damage, and most of all selection. However, Cras don't do good in PvP, particularly 3v3. Like other classes we've been going through the past couple of months, its issues are related to the concept of the course, and simply altering its values will not necessarily make it possible to rebalance it and clean it up, and we're well aware of the.

The idea is to make the situation to improve slightly by revising casting requirements and the way things function. So as to not conceal anything from you, we want to suggest an overhaul -- in whole or part you can. The only thing is, there is still some work and we'd also like to make adjustments and changes as possible to these classes, little by little. We also want to have something interesting to offer youpersonally, and given how complicated the task is, it would be a shame to do a halfway job!

No specific dates or stoves -- but at least we told you.In the meantime to Buy Dofus Kamas, you will find the listing of changes made below. The aim is to clean up Cra vs. Cra match-ups as regards scope decrease (e.g. Bat's Eye), which made Cras their own worst nemeses. Particular casting restrictions have been eased, the class is becoming slightly more portable with Concentration Arrow, as an instance, and not forgetting tools such as Magic Arrow and Crushing Arrow.