I'm blown away again and again

  • The 8.3 upgrade will have the new raid with Ny'Alotha. Is wow gold challenging to design the raid of an expansion?

    It is definitely different. I was involved a bit in the raid development for the previous raid in Legion, then I also worked on this particular one with Ny'Alotha. What I can tell you is about delivering on the promise of this expansion that the staff actually cares a whole lot. A lot of times, when people get together to talk about these conclusion of growth raids, the words that I hear are -- that has to be the most epic. It's deliver on what we've been telling. It has to deliver on the narrative.

    I'm blown away again and again by how well these men do at everything from the art to the directors to the style of the actual encounters. Ny'Alotha has this wonderful skybox of the remainder of the Dark Empire off from the space, with tentacles and ziggurats and all sorts of things that are ominous. You really feel wow gold classic buy cheap as though you're off in a different world. And the boss fights themselves are just unbelievable. They're super fun to play and the artwork is fantastic. The group does a phenomenal job. Yes, it is a struggle, and I'm impressed with how we'll it's come together.

    Every raid is unique for us. We choose these locations. We debate with them. We talk about the bosses. The amount of hours spent speaking through those items and planning them and iterating on the art and the experience and what the struggles are going to be, we couldn't compute that number for you. It is an enormous quantity of enthusiasm and caring that goes into each and every one of them. Nonetheless, it's a fact that the end of expansion raid tends to tie a lot of threads together and shut out lots of the stories that have built up over time. This was definitely true of Legion, and it is very true of Battle for Azeroth.

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