Classifieds » Business » FIFA religiously for as long as I can remember

Classifieds » Business » FIFA religiously for as long as I can remember

FIFA religiously for as long as I can remember


I am convinced it great fun seeing that money filling the coffers. As much as I hate this kind of FUT Coins, it doesn't surprise me. It soaks, if people are willing to pay why the **** would not. There are individuals although I feel these fucks deserve an early grave? Who is the real issue? After purchasing FIFA religiously for as long as I can remember. This is going to be the very first one. I am sick of every game style being ignored by these besides UT, which, though it is fun in the start when many teams are beatable, becomes entirely unplayable if you don't start spending money on it.

The problem is that folks are now paying for this bullshit. Stupid people in particular.If it were for in-game money and had exceptionally engaging material, ONLY THEN would this bullshit be justified.Until then, **** you and your goddamn deceptive, tedious, thieving and broken gaming simulator. Stop treating your merchandise like a yearly sport and maybe you'll have some worthwhile content and better reception.The entire Ultimate Team thing has been a huge detriment to the FIFA games for quite a long time, since they hardly support another game mods such as Career mode etc.. Each of their time and upgrades go into UT. Considering sports players will not be commenting on sites like this, I imagine it is pissed off people than we will ever know.

This one franchise leaves them more cash than any other of the matches. And the mtx/lootboxes make them near if not $1b a year. Want hurt EA? Do not buy FIFA. Games such as BF or Star Wars or anything is not gonna do ****. Problem is, very good luck convincing the entire world to never purchase the greatest soccer (soccer ) game. Literally FIFA is the move to match beneath the equator.

When did producing characters became invention? Like WTF they are marketing this as a feature at EA play.Man I am staying far away from their games, after Jedi fallen order nothing was intriguing and all this business know is cram more MTX. The whole armor development of anthem obtained armor sets. The sport does it have enough items in it's pool and thus even after improving loot drops nothing will happen as players will find all items very quickly and thus finish the game.This is the principal reason they are taking this much time as they are making more things and rolls.I am just tired of those companies.I have played with fifa especially UT for 6 decades. 19 was just meh.... I felt like cards that were amazing came into quick and god squads were popular prior to Christmas. Now I had the capability of building a god squad to Buy FIFA Coins. I'd over 10mil from mostly trading using sbcs and IFs with the fut champs rewards. But with heaps of coins that I lost interest. Gameplay was repetitive and stale. Technical abilities seemed obsolete than ever before. After nearly 9 months out of the scene I am prepared to fall in love. I don't want to get hurt. Tell why you believe I could enjoy myself and what is exciting and new this year.