The players are delighted with the changes

  • The game will consist of some parts that are specific. There'll be the classic PvE portion, where gamers stick to the narrative and will learn more about the world, unlocking the Astells in their way. There is also some of the PvP-focused game named Avalon where three groups of players will struggle weekly for Astellia Asper success, however it seems that players will also be able to contribute out of PvP.In addition to this, there are also many dungeons to take care of buddies. The advance of this Dungeons are recorded and provide a score, which will give a lot to PvE fans. Dungeons are an additional way to unlock and collect new Astells, so everybody has reason.

    There are aspects of Astellia Online that I can not wait to test firsthand. While I have the chance to do it with a early or beta access, I'll do it with no doubt. However, there are some difficulties that before coming to our marketplace the sport must face. Developers should clarify whether the sport will probably be pay-to-win or not, but it'll be difficult to understand until we try it using our own hands.Perhaps it's too early to recommend this game or not, however, I recommend that you watch on it.On August 5, the next closed beta ended for your MMORPG Astellia. Following this test, many shared their experiences in the Reddit and in forums. The conclusion is positive.

    Did the beta test go? The beta ran from July 30th to August 8th. For them, the programmers of Astellia adapted some content that was criticized at the initial test.So there was the endeavor to reduce the downtime between the conflicts and the world PvP was set into focus a little more. The players are delighted with the changes, even though there are a few concerns about the amount of? In the world PvP the 3 factions Ceres, Eos and Physe vie against each other. For a week you fight for it, can join a group and earn rewards.

    In the next closed beta, that area, which is quite much like the world versus world of Guild Wars 2, should be analyzed. Since they declared in the reddit, but a lot of players simply found no competitions: I jumped to the Avalon area, but it was just like a ghost city. Where are the PvP zones? I used the Instant Level 50 increase and walked around Avalon. I struck 4-5 opponents in one hour. Players worry about player numbers with Astellia Online Asper for sale. He describes that there have been problems with Avalon in Korea, since the Open World PvE is more rewarding.

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