Raises the chance to eliminate the unwanted

  • Looking forward, as you can see, at the images below, virtually all of the features are exhibited only in a numerical value, which is not so practical for me.For example, a player decided to pump the bow to crit and instead of the usual percent chance of critical damage, he will see a numerical value from which nothing is clear with Astellia Online Asper. - STR - raises physical attack and defense. - AGI - increases accuracy and evasion. - DEX - is responsible for the parameters related to bodily crit, and, as I understand it, instantly increases the damage and directly the likelihood. - CON - is in charge of CP and energy indicators. - INT - defense and raises magic attack. - WIS - raises magic precision. - KNW - responsible for the parameters associated with the magic crit. - WIL - is responsible for signs of electricity spells (Spell Power) and mana.

    Further there are additional parameters, which basically describe in detail how you developed your own character, I chose not to translate the points, since many of them are intuitive.

    - Energy - increases the effectiveness of physical spells. - Physical Status Hit Speed - increases the accuracy of the bodily status effects. - Physical Status Duration - reduces the likelihood that the competition will immediately remove the effects of the status after they are implemented. - Evasion - raises the opportunity to dodge physical / magic attacks. - Crucial Evasion - Reduces the chance that a character is going to get physical / magical vital harm. - Status Evasion - increases the opportunity to guard against the physical effects of status. - Status Effectiveness - increases the efficacy of the positive physical / magical effects of standing and reduces the efficacy of unwanted ones. - Status Healing Rate - raises the chance to eliminate the unwanted magical impacts of the status.

    Taking into consideration the aforementioned characteristics, let's take a bow along with its initial ability, which hangs a debuff on the enemy, allowing you to inflict greater damage with some skills.As a result, when you use it, the character can only miss, hit with the ability with no buff, or hit with the ability to buy Astellia Online Asper, hang out a buff, and then the opponent simply removes it.It would seem that such a situation cannot occur with mobs, but the last two cases have occurred to me several times already, due to which at first I was a little confused, since I did not know what was occurring.

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