Addiction to doing the identical crap

  • You're an absolute legend. I sincerely wish you the very best for 2019. I joined the travel late 2018 but look forward to supporting your future experiences with RuneScape gold. It is truly amazing watching people take something so easy like osrs and make an experience through content that actually changes and affects the community. I recently made a decision to return to and even begun venturing in content production within osrs for you and I'm sure others have been moved as well.thanks for doing exactly what you do and again, I wish you the best for 2019.

    How do you play so much runescape without becoming on a single day and just feeling no drive . I get sudden urges to complete a goal then feel like what's even the point. I've got all the equipment I really need. My all time aim to get 99 slayer finished. I log on and fish for two hours then question what I'm doing with my life.I do not either, this man has basically spent a whole year of time enjoying, if you factor in playing 12 hours a day, he spent two years straight playing 12 hours per day of Runescape. It's a cool accomplishment I kinda feel sorry for himhe seems like he's 18-24, and he is literally spending his whole life in front of a display.

    This over-the-top, penance manner of game play is not simply an amazing display of patience, perseverance, and absolutely self discipline. But it also breaks me of my addiction to doing the identical crap. All of those hours... 7000 great GOD! And that I get to see a 20 minute video and go workout in the fitness center with that enthusiast part of my mind fulfilled. I know this seems like a troll remark, but this is completely sincere.This was such an awesome movie to watch! You took what could be considered some of the grindiest, dull things about Runescape and made it absolutely amazing to watch. In ways, this video was almost beautiful to see how you handled the editing and progression of everything. Very well done.

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    I love when you maxed out and you can hear the passion in your voice. Players like you make me extremely happy to be apart of such a committed community. I really like Runescape from its darkest days to what Runescape has grown now. Congratulations brother. . What an astronomical achievement.

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