The first we have heard of Activision Blizzard

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    Recently, the company was hit with massive layoffs, as they start an internal restructuring to place a heavier focus on development of more games, especially in the Blizzard section. That thicker focus, it appears, will apply to two of Blizzard's biggest properties in Diablo and Warcraft, as per Activision's statements during their recent financial conference call.

    The Diablo series, according to Activision, is about to"grow considerably", as Blizzard looks to start focusing on"several projects", continues work on those which are currently in development, while also ramping up to the impending launch of the cellular exclusive name, Diablo Immortal. The Warcraft series is similarly set to get more investment from the publisher, with claims that they are"investing in other Warcraft games".

    This isn't the first we have heard of Activision Blizzard's aims to spend more in Diablo in recent months. Blizzard confirmed not too long ago that they have numerous Diablo projects in evolution, which they'll be revealing gradually over time. One of those is presumably Diablo 4 to buy classic wow gold, that apparently has confronted development issues, and has been rebooted internally as well.

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