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Classifieds » Cell Phones + » Don't purchase a mt nba 2k21 sport game

Don't purchase a mt nba 2k21 sport game

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I actually thought it would get fixed by preseason... then the start of the season. Now I'm not so convinced. Hopefully it does though, because otherwise it performed nicely.Don't purchase a mt nba 2k21 sport game, they are crap in generalthey do not care about its players/customers, they don't optimize their games and they do not give it support.

As much as I agree with this it is the typical using a monopoly. I agree though so it's not perfect. It's a shame.I'm blessed to get additional consoles to play on too but bums me out on top of all of the crap 2K pulls they outright mess up on a platform. I did get the match (following the stadia brand new user voucher ) for $1. Xx so at least I didn't lose much except the chance to use the voucher on another match.

Theyre treating stadia version such as the PC version its so fucked up they simply care about next gen they even ceased working on patches for older gen out of what I noticed.

Been awaiting the rosters to update all week. Wasn't certain if this was on the Stadia end or 2K end.Person you know that it's in 2K's contract with the NBA that Zion has to have more cards that any other player despite having played not even a third of a season yet.That is Bron though. Bron has earned all those cards by being the best player of cheap nba 2k21 mt his generation and one of the greatest EVER. Zion currently has 6 distinct cards such as his 3 free agent cards.

Lmao I forgot about the FA cards lol, yeah Zion is dry humped by 2k a whole lot.And they did nothing to get Kobe. . And not only some Mamba takeover or Evo.