Together with the buy mt nba 2k21

  • Last time I played with a nba 2k21 mt game was once it was free with ps+, stopped getting fifa games when they never fixed a glitch that prevented you from using your player in the World Cup or global tournaments. Even since then I have never picked up a sports match that wasn't free There's a small problem with that though, where else are you planning to go to receive your FIFA/NBA/NFL/Whatever video game kick?

    Wow, I gotta give into the mods here, that trapped remark is some classy you would never find the R/news mods doing this

    I have bought the last three after they went on sale as a big hockey fan who is otherwise not into sports or sports games, and was surprised all the I read about NBA wasn't in this franchise too.

    I am frankly not sure exactly why. And as such I am also gonna assume the games do not sell as well.

    I don't play the game, but I am upset because if they get off with this one, it's merely a matter of time before it happens to MY game.

    They want to charge you 70 ing bucks with this . 70 ing dollars along with the sport not only has all those backgrounds advertisements together with the buy mt nba 2k21 midroll replay advertisements where they flash a logo at you, but they also have their virtual money system they ripped off from mobile games together with loot boxes.

    You ever notice how indie games aren't doing this ? Hell, you ever notice how even AA games like the only cause series aren't doing this ? Or for that matter, games like elite dangerous, no man's sky, and others.

    Posted by Rs mei
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