listening to mt nba 2k21 fan feedback

  • Eliminate ad after"listening to mt nba 2k21 fan feedback" aka the ad deal expired and they removed it due to a contract.

    Wow that's really messed up. I am not exactly shocked because this is 2k we are talking about but it's nevertheless scummy. The NBA is my favorite game but I have not purchased a fresh 2k in the past years. With Madden, NHL and the Show I wait two or three years before purchasing a new variant but still await sales. This move by 2k means I'm not purchasing NBA even when it is available.

    It sounds just like EA made the ideal call in an identical circumstance. I really don't see 2k caving to the pressure but we'll see.

    I mean that they did this in NBA 2k20 too, possibly even cheap nba 2k21 mt coins.

    My buddy showed me the latest nhl game recently, he is a massive fan and from I hear the most recent version actually has several significant improvements and shakeups.

    I dont understand myself because I dont play sports games so that my frame of reference would be non existent but what watched actually impressed me. He also told me the latest golf match is incredible with its new custom made class founder, with lovers making custom couses based off of real ones that the devs could never get the license for.

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