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  • I meanthis stuff is mt nba 2k21 not great, but most eras of gaming have had their ty side.

    And the first consoles were filled with shovelware, games that were made quickly and cheaply.

    I've heard lots of stories of people dropping $80 on a new game, bringing it home, and then beating it that afternoon. Games have been buggy, without a manner of being patched.The fact of it is that videogames are a big business, and large companies will push the bounds in order to make more cash.

    I don't really think this period is really much worse than others, and in some ways is much better with how simple it is for indie developers to create and release games. There is SO many games being set out now that it's not hard to ignore the ones with terrible business practices if you want.

    I mostly play indie games now, and lots of them have been more memorable than many AAA games I've played in the past.Sure, it's simple to say that now. Or even at $30 with the content it now has?

    There could have been a huge outrage online and it buy nba 2k21 mt coins would have sold extremely poorly. But that model is finished.Nobody is going to pay full price for games like that anymore, as sad as this is. Games like it are now sadly forced to be created through indie development or just never exist.

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