Regarding the Mut 21 coins game

  • I'm typically pessimistic regarding the Mut 21 coins game actually improving, but that is the first year in which it might really occur.

    I have 20. In contrast, it's the exact same game. Always buy on holiday sale, you will thank yourself for it.

    I am in the same boat. I usually select the game up used so that EA does not get my cash, but this year I have not even bothered.

    Yup same. First time since 2002 for me. Nevertheless play 20 a ton and enjoy franchise mode, but without any changes in 21 it's simply not worthwhile this season.

    I only got it last week that my target had a sale in which buy Madden nfl 21 coins EA matches were half off. I got Madden and UFC for $60 total. Only reason I ended up purchasing this years Madden.

    If you are a company or offline participant than yes, I can agree with this. However, this game mechanically is the best madden was because like 17. Are there glitches and bugs? Obviously it's a video game and not just any sport, an EA game. But should you would like to say that this game is not better than the previous 3 madden games you're out of your ing head!

    But I certainly understand franchise players. Game has never shifted since they brought out CFM. I love the idea, but it needs a complete redesign and attention. Surprised EA even gets the balls to push the very same manners with no changes every year.

    Posted by Rs mei