I have no faith in buy Mut 21 coins

  • This makes me mad. I only need a great football game.When you have the urge to buy next years game, remember that it took a huge fan outcry to get them to Madden nfl 21 coins bring a visible playoff bracket.I wager MUT 21 has had lots of fresh cards though.Really, from what I hear from a lot of die hard MUT 21 gamers (personally have not touched MUT in years but still belong to some groups), there's been a major lack of articles in those modes as well the last two decades.We all can boycott but should people keep spending MUT EA will probably be OK.


    This fashion has brought them ridiculous profits.A dude dropped 800 bucks and ten hours playtime in the first couple of weeks to receive one Barry Sanders card that will be fair to bad in a few months and insignificant in a year.Im only sticking with Madden 20 and downloaded the latest draft class. I stored a template where all the players for the most part go to their respectice teams.Its enough to keep me fron squandering my cash on M21.Within my madden CFM we found out if you merely run Dagger you can score in one play 75% of the time and totally break the season.


    "This is the same in Madden 21" may be used to describe most features in this game.This is similar to purchasing a lemon car and instead of providing you with a functioning automobile, the dealership provides you a couple of air fresheners and shammy clothing to shine the vehicle up and make it smell good.Really it had been, but only if you chose to play as the specific player. Its absurd that EA needed 3 months to program stat tracking, a playoff bracket, and x variable customizations.


    It's such a shame how a mode that receives so little attention and care that an update with four extra characteristics that aren't even that important is considered the biggest franchise upgrade.It is a beginning. . But no where near done. Still a billion problems to fix. I doubt they make franchise even close to what it use to be. I have no faith in buy Mut 21 coins to do anything for Madden. 

    Posted by Rs mei