It still gets the RuneScape allure

  •  People keep trying to OSRS gold think it is still enjoy the old Runescape in order that they compare it all of the time. It's an almost entirely different game, with the only real things remaining the same would be the titles of things, places, and people.Individuals should stop trashing a game that they don't play. We already got OSRS from this deal anyway.Why do you lie then?

    If you genuinely think that RS3 is bad then you certainly have the right to write a review and let everyone know that RS3 is a poor product. We should not let Jagex get away with this. I sincerely promote every good or bad reviews.Rs3 stinks but that's because to me it appears like osrs (which is my nostalgia talking) but way too advanced and excessively complex.

    There are also other sides of it too enjoy a hyper inflated market that is just a product of its age, nothing to stop that.But visually it looks stunning and I can imagine if that's the sorta thing you like, it still gets the RuneScape allure, so people should not review bomb it for being something that they aren't interested in.Although I really wish they would fix the combat system on rs3 to be user friendly and have zero delay in usage because of the tick system, thats really the only bad thing about rs3 apart from mtx.Reviews should not have a Thumbs up and Thumbs Down. There should only be testimonials According to Time played independently.

    That way it is possible to try and review bomb a match but because most of the individuals are going to have less then 1 second performed will show that it is only a negative review to become negative and not just a review of this game.A ton of unwanted reviews mentioning OSRS might work as a backup to the original plan.Has absolutely nothing to do with trading. -rep or +rep is reputation -/+ maybe not on their trading variable but as a person whole. I've got 5 pages of Rsgoldfast repetitions and never traded anyone.Its a popular item in Dead by Daylight to depart those on poisonous peoples profiles.I mean what's the point? 

    Posted by Rs mei