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Powerful irrespective of classic wow gold


When Activision and Bungie split. . NOTHING CHANGED.IMO Blizzard is becoming lazy with or without Activision. I believe blizz just felt too powerful irrespective of classic wow gold activision and believe people will play with the game regardless. You never wanna blame for the firm who had a significant part in your childhood (Halo for Bungie and Warcraft/Starcraft/diablo to get Blizzard) but acti. Still has good games that people love.I don't know if I would point to any one major"item", although clearly the Activision mix is one of the biggest ones. However, I think you are right in they became complacent and forgot what made them so popular to begin with. Look at Diablo 3's launch, the lead guy working on it'd open disdain for its previous director, there was this arrogant feeling to the total layout and release which everyone would play it just based on the title.

It is a shame, but it's the character of the matches business too. Businesses come and go for a variety of factors. Blizzard will either sort itself out or fade away.Idk Ive played since vanilla and people bitched about blizzard and wow sucking then to, I remember people HATED wotlk.If there is one thing that's been consistent about wow forms from 2004 to today is non-stop complaining and raging.The two things I hated about WOTLK was the return of Naxx and the Argent tourney.

Paying for rehashed content felt pretty fucking bad. Especially since it was the very first raid after dropping cash for the Xpac. Along with also the argent tourney had the strangest dailies ever and then a"raid" that you just sat in 1 shitty appearing dirt floored room for 90% of it. Before falling into a pit and battling with a (edit) rehashed lvl 74 dungeon boss ...I think having Naxx was fine. However, it being the very first thing that you run into was just rather meh timing.

But anyhow they made up for it with Ulduar. Ulduar was the wow classic gold for sale best raid Blizzard ever made and it was so quickly made insignificant from the worst raid Blizzard ever made. It is mind boggling.It felt bizarre to cancel my sub shortly after having the most enjoyable in the sport I have ever had.