The goalies were in 2006 and nba 2k21 mt

  • The goalies were in 2006 and nba 2k21 mt they are still **** now. To me it's unbelievable they're   still not moving as they're actual beings but they're only your basic game thing glued to follow the puck no matter how a human could physically go. NHL2k did this a decade   back, literally if you just reproduced what they had 10 years past the match improves immediately.  It is amusing both companies are only incapable of fixing their own games   flaws.

    They are similar to mirror opposites of each other. 2K gameplay mirrors game, EA gameplay is arcade bullshit.  2K exploits never get fixed leading to strange gameplay   online, EA exploits get fixed along with the gameplay to win is normal even online.

    The only common factor they have are the manners along with the greed, although 2K is   megagreedy when compared with EA, surprisingly.  The AI are bonkers. Upping the difficulty doesn't make them play better, it just makes them perform unrealistic ****. The camera   angles are trash, if not worse than they used to be. You sometimes get replays which are thus far zoomed out you can not even see what happened. There are so many issues I have   seen in that game which you can find in the first hour of playing. It only shows their lack of QA.  However, at a certain point people need to realize it has become $60 roster   upgrade every year. It simply isn't worth it anymore for me.

    Whats hilarious though is people complain about buy nba 2k21 mt coins such games year after year but continue buying them and gives   company absolutely no incentive to improve the games.  And no smaller participant can compete. It is either EA or 2k and when somebody else tries to get in people lose interest   since they must play random name players.  PES handles to still get some of this audience by having better gameplay many years, but only the simple fact that you only have some   players who marketed their faith rather than most entire teams keeps them from growing. 

    Posted by Rs mei