I hope the Mut 21 coins considers ending exclusivity

  • The same thing happens between FIFA and Pro Evo -Konami offers a less exploitative football game, but audiences go with the brand that they know.Having extra competition over the NFL licence may shake things up - but history hasn't really suggested that Madden will suddenly become amazing when new players enter the marketplace. That said, I hope the Mut 21 coins considers ending exclusivity. There is undoubtedly a distance for much more soccer than only Madden - particularly when another player aims to get a more arcade-like encounter, rather than chasingsimulation.I do not really know about competition making EA or 2k change. EA got back into basketball games a few years ago and rather than becoming better I would say NBA 2k got even worse then it had been in terms of quality.NBA Live was a garbage heap of a game though. 2K didn't feel very threatened with their entrance, obviously.

    It's also the same situation with FIFA & Pro Evo.

    Konami's football game has plenty of fans, but that victory has not made FIFA any less exploitative.This was since NBA Live coming
    back wasn't competition. It crashed and burned so poor they skipped making one last year and it sounds very likely it's going to
    be a no show again this year.I feel like 90% of those"gamer civilization" videos are catering to an audience that clearly has a
    ton of free time and is happy to watch half-hour videos ranting about some perceived injustice. Like dude, just in play
    something else, nobody is forcing you to play Madden.But not being concise permits for more ads and much more monetization!He does this with every video. He's running from content ideas.Youtubers whining about how greedy businesses are while adding excessive filler to every video to fill them with ads, shilling their merch and begging for Patreon cash.

    The other part that actually killed it for me was the repeating of this # he wants to fad every two minutes, be it verbal or image. Like, I get it, you want to drill that point home, but being super redundant without even providing any solid reasons, points, or examples hurts the message greater than solidifies it.You're correct. This video is cheap Madden nfl 21 coins ing awful. It totally avoids telling us what's wrong with the game. It's glitches. Okay. Why don't you ing talk about that rather than asking us to tweet a hashtag?"We will need to get the NFL's attention.

    Posted by Rs mei