Everyone makes money and the Mut 21 coins

  • And EA knows it, so they make sure they spend all that money they get from people desperate to get an real sportsgame obtaining exclusive contracts. Everyone makes money and the Mut 21 coins sports game market continues to be laughably ing *terrible. *Your friend may want to reunite their son to get a refund or another model.

    I haven't played a madden game because at my friend's home like 2006; however, I do remember a few years ago, I think when they
    first were incorporating the trading card facet to the game (I truly still don't know just what it is that the microtransactions
    even catch you), I visited my uncle when one of my cousins comes up and asks for $25 for packs. In the time I had not realized how
    aggressive the microtransactions in the games had gotten, until my uncle gets pissed off at my cousin and begins yelling at him
    about spending $200 on Madden without inquiring.That's the type of predatory EA lives from. If they could not trick young
    children into spending money they do not really know the value of, they wouldn't be making nearly as much money. Cause not only is
    it ing ridiculous in anyway to spend $200 in micro transactions on ANY GAME, however because they launch a new game every
    year, you invest $200 on microtransactions which will not even be there in a year, you need to spend that $200 again on stuff for
    the new sport. I do not even know how you may possibly look at that version and be like"Yeah this is worth my money". But my
    cousin will continue to insist to this day that Madden is the best game ever, and that he has a job that he sinks every ing
    cent he brings into that game and it drives me ing insane.Plus it's a money making machine and advertisement to the NFL
    anyway. Learn how to love a player in the game, start watching the actual buy Madden nfl 21 coins in case you are not already.I really don't believe the NFL really cares that"Madden is the exact same every year" because it is successful, produces money, and operates as advertising. Why change this?

    Posted by Rs mei