SL is previously a lot of classic wow gold

  • Endless mill for AP?Thus legion can overcome all of this, but SL can'tovercome covenants being sub-optimal for a short time?After SL is previously a lot of classic wow gold these complaints will be forgotten. Legionhad things I didn't like but I'd be hard pressed to actually recall them.Expressing your opinion how good/bad any growth was isdangerous land with this sub.However, yeah, imo Legion was among the best.Best growth up to now, no discussion.

    Anyone else whichsays differently is simply chasing nostalgia.Screw being behind dps meters for weeks and months since I didnt have the BiSlegendary.In my opinion should have only got rid of the legendary system. Really ruined the name legendary and has been theequivalent of getting a blue out of a rare.

    Not really exciting in comparison to getting different legendaries like previousexpansions that took time and effort to get em.U wot? Legendaries at Legion were massive, many altered gameplay hugely for theclasses that got them, and you believe that the"old" legendaries were improved? Most of them just had large stats and no actualimpact on gameplay...The main difficulty was that they kept doubling back on the system after it had obviously failed.

    It might'vejust been"that weird thing we had to deal with for a single spot," but instead they allow it to leave a black mark over the buy gold classic wow entireexpansion.Edit: wonder that member of the dev team downvoted me.Even though I loathed the mythical system, everything else aboutthe expansion was great. . Suramar may very well be my favorite area/story ever.Legion was easily the best growth since WotLK forme personally. 

    Posted by Rs mei