By which wow classic gold stage

  • Idid heaps of quests, some simple fetch quests although others were far more charming like reading leatherworking tips written onskin in addition to the mountain. By which wow classic gold stage I did not even take care of my original goal and did all of the quests.It feltrewarding and you got these recipes, you did not just pay generic quantity of gold or grinded rep. I do not understand why BFAwent from this to back to mostly generic pay X amount of gold. Legion had so much detail put into every feature of the game, notjust raids and dungeons but even gathering professions which were always an afterthought.Basically the only thing I disliked wasthe unnecessary time-gated leggo grind. I'd even go as far as to say I would not mind using the exact same growth with just newzones and leggo grind eliminated.For me its not in all the ebst expansion. Courses where sooooooo better then legion.This is thehottest shoot I've ever noticed. That is steaming. BFa class design? Same as legion only with less to conceal but the actualclasses is the same;At least WoD did not give me 3 terrible legendaries that prevented me from getting into classes.Certainly thebest one I've playedwith.Took me 10 months to buy gold wow classic us acquire certain Legendary that some folks got within first week of Legion.It was afantastic experience.

    Posted by Rs mei