Wars may be Rsgoldfast great fun

  • What would be your ideal OSRS gold minigame?

    I've been playing alot of barbarian assault and pest management lately. It's got me thinking of different minigames. Ones that may be dynamic although you're operating them alot. Without giving away any one of mine, what would be the first things you think of if you begin considering a brand new OSRS minigame? Probably some variation of Stealing Creation. I enjoy the notion of a map with lanes or paths, but at predetermined nodes. So there could be a spot in the center were resource nodes always predominate, but you won't know whether it is a shrub, ore, or such.

    There might be other spots in which a node can spawn or it might be empty that game. In total there would always be the exact same amount of nodes per game and the farther you go from your group's base, the grade the resources will be. The tier sources would always be in the center.

    I kinda envision it being shaped a bit like a watch with each group having a base with a unique exit to each of the two chief lanes that curve around the map making an oval. Then the center is between the two lanes. There might be some negative rooms also or branches off the main paths too. However, a team vs team minigame similar like this would be great to SC. That said, my ideal minigame is something that I can't think of.

    Team vs Team minigames like Castle Wars may be Rsgoldfast great fun, which is one which starts everyone could be great to see. When you have a good team but group coop minigames such as BA can be great. Something such as the gauntlet but for teams could be cool if you were able to operate in some function system in like BA.

    Posted by Rs mei