Server is what makes cheap wow classic gold

  • I really love this classic wow gold comment, thank you. Taking a look. I would much prefer a smaller pop and better experience to a massive pop and awful experience. I am unsure how it is in EU since im in NA however, the RP and RPvP realms often have much greater communities, even if you don't intend on RPing.

    A couple of my friends insisted on playing on Illidan to get BFA since thats the realm all the huge pve guilds and competitive WOW players are on. After a couple weeks I needed to move back into ED, a community just makes WOW Classic 1000x better.

    In terms of guilds, don't bother linking the ones spam encouraging or always spamming in exchange with almost 1k members because yea that's all you will get people who aren't actually searching for a guild but only need a bit of a network.

    If you check on the forums or wowprogress or even on here it is still possible to find guilds that are a good community. Discovering the proper host and server is what makes cheap wow classic gold click and eventually become really amazing, do not allow the negativity in certain areas make you give up!

    I really don't know if I agree. My experience with retail communities in general is non existent. Nobody speaks unless they need to. People are only interested in themselves. You make one mistake in an alt in 10 key? Youre trash and should get off WoW.

    Posted by Rs mei