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    You're gonna need to add like 3 more actions bars to be efficient.I did not know there were more action bars. I will have to do a second session like this - someone told me to perform a waterfall quest like this. There's a lot of space under your inventory. Might be a nice place for your recognizable interface, particularly once you start utilizing beasts of burden.

    UI is personal taste, so my information is precisely exactly what I found works for me to decrease clutter on the UI. I think one change you can make is to condense your conversation boxes. The ones you use frequently can remain separate if you prefer, and then another chats can be condensed into Buy Runescape gold one box and be changed between each other via tabs (such as in the event that you use All Chat and Clan chat many times, you can have those separate but in the event that you never use friends chat or alternative kinds, no need to have those cluttering the UI.

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