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Classifieds » Flowers » You're not alone if Animal Crossing Bells

You're not alone if Animal Crossing Bells


You're not alone if Animal Crossing Bells you have ever wondered Animal Crossing entrepreneur Tom Nook is worth. Redditor Mikey_hor has taken the opportunity to work his version of Tom Nook's worth out and it makes for some fascinating reading. We also have our own theories about the raccoon's worth. Mikey_hor began a Reddit thread where he breaks the net value of Tom Nook. His scale is that 100 bells are equivalent to $1. Let's have a look.

A upgraded player house will cost 5,696,000 bells. Taking a look at the big picture of 3.04 million individuals buying the sport, this number alone places Nook's net value at 17,258,880,000,000 bells or $172,588,800,000, although this does not include the costs to create the house. Since a builder can expect around a 25% profit margin, this still leaves Nook with $43,147,200,000, making him nearly twice as rich as Elon Musk, who has a net worth of $24.6b, according to Forbes.

The Reddit ribbon goes on to appreciate the island at $141,780. Once again multiplying this we get a whopping $602,182,200,000. Adding the adjusted home building figures and the island value together gives us an enormous $645,329,400,000 or more than $645.3 billion.

We can use a number of the figures of Mikey_hor to start. To is worth $141,780. Add to this 25 percent of the $56,960 our home costs to build. If there are more players on the island, thanks to multiplayer, Nook can add another $14,240 profit per participant. A household of 4 playing collectively will Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket net Nook a gain of $56,960. That this means $198,740 in complete when added to the island value.