When the lackluster Madden 20 coins

  • People can do whatever they desire with their disposable income, absolutely, but it sucks for the rest of us who just want a preeminent soccer game to play, when the lackluster Madden 20 coins series is the only one to anticipate vs. the times of the past when multiple options existed. I'm sure I'll cop it for $10-$20 at December/January. The winter months are typically the only time I am into gaming where I'm indoors more frequently than not, however I would plop down $60 on discharge day if Madden was really living up to the potential most of us dream of it with. It's depressing that the bowl is being touted as a notable future. Fucking why? It's something that most individuals would play before moving on from its novelty.

    This will be my next year not purchasing madden. I am a massive soccer fan and it sucks when the new games drop not getting into the thick of it. But like this guy said, around November December when everyone is complaining about how madden sucks and how they won't buy Madden again, I feel vindicated. And just closed on my house. I love football, so I have been enjoying NCAA football and plugged in the old 360.

    Watching this video I believe I am gont take my 60 and buy a ps2 and find some football matches that are older. I recall the pure joy they brought me once I was a boy. Before auction bots, equalizers, **** motors, and microtransactions.

    Microtransactions have destroyed video buy Mut 20 coins games and it needs to be illigal. Its predatory and idle. Our hope is that one day another programmer will have a shot at the nfl license. At the day's end I understand we would like to compete at a high level so why don't you invest some cash on mut to be the very best?

    Posted by Rs mei