I play Final Fantasy XIV along with safe osrs

  • Unless they buy servers that are OSRS gold much too much for running RuneScape 99% of their time. It comes down to cash, 99% of the time. Thus from jagex's point of view it is not an issue, since fixing that would be throwing off 99% of the cash used to fix it.

    I do not quite consider it the largest, although tick speed is definitely the problem. The biggest problems, I believe, are in the core gameplay: namely the controls (both movement and combat). Click-to-move (and by extension, the tile program ) is my main gripe with all RuneScape's heart gameplay. It makes movement sense clunky, and because both movement and targeting are done via the mouse, it creates moving through enemies and exact positioning more frustrating than it otherwise would be, and normally makes battle less fluid and intuitive than I'd want it to be. Now, WASD move on a tile-less gameworld is a pipe-dream for RS3, but I'd be remiss if I didn't bring it up as my largest gripe.

    That is one of these things that simply won't change because in the event that you eliminate the stage and click facet you eliminate one of the simplest components of RuneScape. Eliminating click motion entirely would piss off people, although I think it would be helpful to have WASD as an option. I'll be frank though, I'm so used to mouse movement because of RuneScape I can't fix to WASD on other MMOs anymore.

    I play Final Fantasy XIV along with safe osrs and that I removed WASD movement in favor of max sensitivity camera and mouse movement. It feels better for me without having a mouse, so I utilize and can move abilities. My point being that options are good, but eliminating it would outcast individuals who invested time learning the system.

    Posted by Rs mei