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  • OSRS gold Drama Calendar

    You do realise that paying for repairs for gear because punishment for dying is a remarkably common goldsink at MMOs right? Runescape is odd in that regard where mothers credit card can buy you the gear in RuneScape. No achievements needed, and up until recently a gold cost for utilizing said high tier items wasnt that common. Which, considering how RuneScape has changed so drastically since those days, is kinda appropriate. The back when those passing mechanisms existed was kbd and eventually barrows.

    I play an ironmeme So take what I say from that perspective. I don't think it fair I'm likely to get punished due to the economy, since I removed myself. I do not have time to perform to cover each time that I find out a new supervisor. I AM going as I understand to die a lot if I realistically can only play on weekends and such. I agree therefore that I do not hope to have our opinions matter as much, after all, we decided to limit ourselves.

    But I think Jagex have heard lots about how the suggested mechanisms are pretty unfair for people hoping to learn, therefore I dont expect that the boss departure fees will remain the way they introduced it in the blog post.

    Though, I agree they will need to find out a method for Buy Rs gold irons. But I cant even imagine the strain of the game mode so I do not believe its on the same level. I had a 13m money pile, also ended my grind for 99 thieving month. And only through miscellania and runes I have already dropped to 10m in roughly a month. I am fine with paying for a charge to keep the equipment I grinded for, but when theres no opportunity for me to get anything but the alch worth for an item, I dont need to be paying more for something my account has no influence on in the greater economy.

    Posted by Rs mei