If EA wants to stick with Madden 20 coins

  • If EA wants to stick with Madden 20 coins scripted cartoons (which I'm totally fine with), then I'd love to see around three times as many of these. Stuff like this would be annoying if we saw it a third as often, which we would if there were animation options.It is not necessarily that they use animations that annoys me, but the truth they seem like they were designed by a person who has never watched football before.

    The two-man catch animation where the receiver brings from the ball and begins to pull it down but gets lightly tackled by a 190 pound corner and the ball suddenly flies 15-20 yards through the atmosphere makes no sense whatsoever. I haven't even seen deflections that striking in real life, let alone tackles on recipients. The kinetics of the cartoon make absolutely zero sense.

    It is only a bug with ball physics not intentional. As the other guy above stated, Madden just is lacking animations variety, but then again, synergizing that many animations isn't an easy task, so even if they did that, bugs and inconsistencies would probably run even more uncontrolled. Although with funding Madden titles get, it's still pretty feeble excuse tbhthey definitely could do a LOT better.

    Will see I guess, sim licence gets open in 21 and 2k already sets foot at NFL videogames, so there's some expectation, that either 2k will deliver something special to the cheap Mut 20 coins table, or EA will be forced to up their game to maintain rivalry and market up.

    What the community wants EA to fix/add the maximum to

    Posted by Rs mei