Players are going to MaplestoryM Mesos

  • The fresh offerings of awakening don't stop there: The developers have added in fresh challenges, six dungeons, and brand new epic equipment. Players are going to MaplestoryM Mesos want to come ready, however, since the latest challenges are meant for gamers who've reached the upper limits of character development, especially including several four-player dungeons as well as a new ten-player raid.

    PC players that wish to check out the newest that Nexon America has to offer might find MapleStory 2 over on Steam. It's a totally free to play name, and before Awakening releases on May 30, 2019, users have around a week to get a feel for the action. For more in-depth developer interviews and video coverage of the industry's biggest conventions, make sure you check out both Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

    buy Maplestory M Mesos just got their biggest update to the game since it was first launched as Nexon has rolled out the Awakening Expansion today. So a game changer in every way possible. We've got the finer details for you to check out until you rush to MapleStory two and check it out as much as you can.

    The astounding Striker class employs a combination of punches and kicks . All players will receive a complimentary character slot to begin utilizing Striker! In addition, MapleStory two is raising the level cap from 60 to 70 to hone their abilities. All players will have the ability to unlock Rank 2 occupation skills that extend all classes' adventures.

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